Accommodation for students

We ask our participants to bear in mind the following aspects for the sake of harmoniously living together:

  • Habits
  • Cultural differences
  • Right to intimacy
  • Respectfulness towards political and religious attitudes
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Most of the accommodations here are very conducive to learning. There are just some sets of rules during their stay here. Our students can choose from among the following lodging types:

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With other ours students, in either single or in double-rooms and have 2 or 4 bed-rooms, a living-room, kitchen and one or two complete bathrooms (max. 4 students in apartment).

The kitchen is equipped for preparing and having meals. Bedsheets and blankets (though no towels!) are provided for as well as washing machine and tv set.

Homestay with a Spanish family:

Living with a Spanish family: We selects the families who accommodate our students. After interviewing the family, a member of the directing team visits the family several times, in order to get acquainted with all the family members. The main target is that the students feel at home, in decent single- or double-rooms (shared with another student) from the Institute, and with half or full board. 
Criteria for grading the family’s flat: bathroom for the student/s, Internet access, cleanliness, daylight incidence, desk, access to domestic appliance, etc…
The family is supposed to have the meal/s together with the students, and to respect non-smoking areas.

Mini-apartment, 1 or 2 persons:

This living unit is hard to find in Malaga during the summer months, as they are a not too frequent flat type, and that is why they have to be booked long before. They use to be downtown, their condition is average, their furniture rather plain, as they are headed towards high benefits within a short but top tourist season.